Video Counselling & Psychotherapy

Online Therapy

Online therapy (also known as eTherapy) is an online psychological support, information and/or therapeutic treatment provided to a client privately, either face to face online through a computer, tablet or smartphone, or by talking using a telephone.

Face to face therapy is provided through SKYPE or Zoom, whichever platform is preferred by the client.  Both platforms are secure and confidential.  The difference between the two are that the client needs to download SKYPE and create their own account.  With Zoom, I simply send a client the link and password that allows them access into the virtual "session room".


These options can provide a more convenient and flexible alternative to traditional face to face sessions.  For example:


  • If you are a busy parent and cannot find the time to come into a clinic.

  • If you are busy and simply do not have the time to come into a clinic.

  • If you are seeking after-hours support.

  • If you are unable to travel due to work, transport or mobility difficulty.

  • If you are living or working remotely, regionally or in an isolated area.

  • If you are struggling to leave the safety of your home.

  • If your preference is to use these platforms.


Please note that these platforms are not suitable for all issues and this will be explained to you if they are not suitable.


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